Richfield Hairdressing Using Consultations to Avoid Cutting Corners – Our Salon Policy on Booking Colour Appointments.

In our grandmothers’ day, a trip to the hairdresser was a lengthy and luxuriating event. Several hours would be set aside to complete the indulgent process of chatting casually to the hairdresser, flicking through an enticing array of glossy mags, and sipping a lovingly made cuppa, while the hairdresser applied their skills. Whilst that might still be the ultimately joyful trip to the salon, it’s becoming increasingly unrealistic in today’s busy world, and due to the time pressure modern women find themselves under, one of the most important steps in hairdressing is often rushed or omitted altogether; ‘The Colour Consult’. Thanks to the ingenuity of Richfield Hairdressing, technology and the art of colouring have been combined in an exciting new opportunity for online services.

Women today are no different to their foremothers in their desire to have great hair, but because of busy schedules, they often get their hairdresser to simply do the same colour they’ve always had, or they choose a new one hastily, without all the relevant aspects being fully considered. Please Note this would lead to a  bad colour services 99% of the time as the Colour Consult is not the priority. The team at Richfield Hairdressing now offer this important initial step In-salon or via Facetime, so that it can be done in the comfort of a client’s home or office at a time that’s convenient, and with the attention it deserves.

The technicians at Richfield can tell a lot about “hair online” or face to face by asking the right questions. Almost everything that can be assessed with the client in the chair, can also be done in a Facetime session. The shape of a client’s face, and the length and texture of the hair, can all be assessed, and Richfield’s expert stylists and colourists can even assess their hair goals.

Much of the brilliance of the concept lies in its simplicity and accessibility. The team at Richfield believes that they’re the pioneers of this concept which has been met with delight by their clients, with the number of colour consults  growing exponentially.

This innovative service provides women the luxury of being able to consider new options for their hairstyles more frequently, and frees them from the shackles of the time restrictions that lead them to getting the same style at every visit, for the sake of convenience. The other benefit it offers is that they can discuss the options with their colourist, and sleep on it before deciding.

Both men and women can sometimes feel a little uneasy about discussing hair colours in a salon environment and amongst other clients, and FaceTime service provides a level of privacy and discretion that helps men feel comfortable about getting their hair coloured. The service is available to new and existing clients, of any age.

Richfield Hairdressing operates in Freshwater, Sydney and is always at the cutting edge of fashion, design, and technology. For further information, images, or demonstrations. Please contact the team at Richfield Hairdressing Freshwater for further queries