s t y l i n g   s e r v i c e s

L a d i e s   C u t  &  F i n i s h

 |  $120 |

B l o w  D r y  

 |  $82 |

M e n s  C u t  &  F i n i s h

|  $70 |

t e c h n i c a l s e r v i c e s

We use only Cruelty free & Vegan Certified colour range De Lorenzo. Richfield highly recommend Olaplex with every chemical service to protect and maintain strength, condition and longer lasting colour.


O l a p l e x P r e m i u m T r e a t m e n t

Olaplex Intensive Stand alone | $68 |

Olaplex Colour Service | $44 |

Olaplex Express Treatment | $34 |

Olaplex Take Home | $51.95 |


C o l o u r

Partial | $100 |

Half Head | $152 |

Full Head | $206 |

Colour Application | $117 |

On Scalp Lightener | POC |

Colour Transformation | POC |

Balayage | POC |

Toning | $62|


T r e a t m e n t


|w/ Blow Dry $112| | $30 incl. into other services |

Created by Kevin Murphy its natural and nourishing. Different formulas designed for different hair concerns; Young.again for aged damaged lengths, Restore to strengthen, Angel for fine coloured hair and Hydrate.me to nourish dry hair. This four step process takes 10 minutes and includes the signature Kevin Murphy experience “skincare for your hair”.

Plex Intensive Stand alone

|w/ Blow Dry $150| | $68 incl. into other services |

This can be a service to repair damage from a previous service, or as preparation for an upcoming transformation. Builds and repairs bonds in damaged hair to restore the integrity of your hair. Reduces porosity of your client’s hair to make their colour last longer and prevent fading. Increases elasticity and restores hair to its natural state.

Keratin Treatment | $360 |

Bhave Anti-frizz shine and smoothing cuticle treatment lasts up to 5 months and halves the time of your styling process.

Richfield Hairdressing Policies

We highly recommend Olaplex with our chemical services to maintain & improve hair condition. 

Our prices are guidelines and depend on time & thickness of hair for any additional pricing. 

Blow drys are essential & not included into our colour prices.  


Consultations are required for new colour clients before services.

Consultations by FaceTime are available.

There is a cancellation fee if you cancel a confirmed appointment.