Last week we were awarded by The Bear Ride Association in raising money for The Children’s Westmead Hospital, one of the Top Fundraisers. For raising almost $10,000. Thank you so much to the Locals who have donated and come along to our event.

Thank you to EcoDownunder, Splice Boutique, Wonders ToyShop, Albert 23 and Bertie, Wild Ginger Beauty, The Apparel Collective, Stowaway, The Beauty Scene Freshwater, Pilu, Harbord Hilton and Many more. We would definitely not be able to achieve what we have without your immense support and donations.

This year by far was a record setting almost raising $5000! WOW! This month we were also featured in Peninsula Living and will also be featured in a few more so keep your eyes peeled with the success grabbing many of the locals attention.

We can’t wait for next years fundraiser! If you want to become sponsor by donating for next years fundraiser or charities that you would like us to support. Contact us on