Racing Season is in full swing and what a better way to see what styles the Richfield Team are creating and inspired by for this seasons Races.

– P e r f e c t l y   U n d o n e –

We have seen alot of the “ perfectly undone” style in past  Race day Upstyle however this season it is definitely more prominent. The Northern Beaches love this look being surrounded by beaches our lifestyle os very much liking to go for a surf after work and inspired by effortless beauty and Fashion embracing our natural style.

– P l a i t s –

The plaits are the iconic look of this seasons derby days… and the Richfield Team love this! With so much of the inspiration from Medieval Vikings and Game of Thrones; clearly a huge influence for the Richfield Team with not only the intricate plaited hairstyles but we can’t ignore the good looking men as well…

Here is some of the Richfield Teams favourite looks they have created and their inspirations…..